About Dominic Cristofor
Dominic CristoforPhotography represents for me an excellent way to re-discover the world around, as through child’s eyes. Certainly, catching a meaningful image always yields great satisfaction, but it’s not the final result that’s so important but the careful observation, the filtering through one’s culture and emotions, the incessant playing, the beauty of nature and humanity. Above all, photography enhances our perception and enables us to see the magic of life even in mundane situations. I'm aware of my limitations in delivering creative photography but I sincerely believe that the journey is more important than the destination. Especially when that journey is simultaneously made within oneself.

My most treasured photos are candid portraits of children but I’m also tackling macro photography and landscapes. I highly admire street photography and photojournalism but until now it’s been very hard for me to approach either of them.

With very few exceptions, all my photos are edited using Adobe Lightroom only (with no plugins).

Thank you for your interest.
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